Course Materials for TCHP Classes

For most classes, you will need to follow ALL 3 steps below.

Step One:

Get the Pre-Class Documents. This will include the cover letter with schedule and course description, class location and map, and pre-requistes/pre-reading (primers) if applicable. Pre-class documents are available a month or more ahead of class time.

Step Two:

Get the Handouts for Class. These are the handouts you will use in class. Please print them so that you have them at the start of class. Class Handouts are available one week before class is held. If it is too early, please check back later.

Step Three:

Obtain Contact Hours. After class is over, you will need to complete the online class evaluation in order to obtain a certificate of attendance with contact hours. The link to the evaluation will be available for 3 weeks after the class is over, so be sure to do it right away. Go to evaluations>>